There are two social posting plans below along with real live case studies of results. Feel free to click onto these social links to see how they look right now!

Social Media Posting Plan

The Social Media Posting Plan for Gab Social and/or Facebook includes organic traffic and paid ads (if desired). Through daily original posts with captivating graphics, as well as smart networking, you can see the success that other businesses have achieved. When you get started with me, I will optimize your current business page setup. Every two weeks, you will receive a report on the results of this plan as well as what I will change to provide even better results for the future.

Case Studies and Results

This was the social marketing results after the first 30 days I was serving Semen Tanks (animal breeding supplies). We used a combination of sharing graphic-rich posts as well as weekly ads to drive clicks to the website. We also set up a lead generation campaign to build their email list for long-term success.

These insights are from Casey Key Resort, from the June/July 2021 time frame. It shows one month’s worth of insights from both Facebook and Google. You can also see the quality and type of posting I provide for this beachfront resort.

I use organic measures, rather than paid ads, which provides steady results from building relationships through content marketing techniques. Through this method, you can increase your audience’s conversion rate and interest in your posts.

This is North Port Acupuncture’s 30 days worth of insights from Google and Facebook for June/July 2021. You will also see the type of content and graphics I include. It is always worth measuring the reactions on each post (likes, comments, shares) and not just the “reach”, or how many people saw the post.

This is another page I manage, Venice Reef Charters. Their Facebook post engagement (clicks, likes) is up to 324 for this particular month (Nov/Dec 2020). The post reach is over 4,700 people — Meaning, that many people saw the post whether they reacted or not.

Google Business Smart Sharing

Google Business Smart Sharing is either a standalone or addition to the previous plan. Your Google business listing and maps listing will be optimized. Your posts will either be re-purposed from Facebook/Gab, or created new if not using the Social Media plan. You will receive routine reports on the success you are experiencing, and any tweaks I intend to make.

Case Studies and Results

Here you can again see Casey Key Resort. The 29,857 people that found them were through discovery, meaning searching for a similar category, product or service on Google. These are all done through organic means.

For the month of Nov/Dec 2020, these are the clicks and calls that Casey Key Resort received.

Due to daily posting, many more people viewed the listing and photos.

Here you can see Venice Reef Charter’s results on Google from discovery is 1,841 people this month (Nov/Dec 2020). Remember, these are all through organic means and these people found the service by searching in the general category or service (not the name of the charter business).

For one month (Nov/Dec 2020), Venice Reef Charters received 1,260 views on search and 837 on maps.

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