Free Business Resources

Small Business Resources completely free for you to use.

Gab for Small Business Marketing

Is Gab social, an alternative social platform, good for small business marketing? We will see if Gab is right for your type of business, and go over practical daily steps you can take to market your business on Gab social.

Free 60 Days of Email Marketing

Try my favorite email marketing platform, Constant Contact, for 60 days completely free. No payment information necessary.

Facebook Marketing Strategy

These five action steps will boost your Facebook Marketing Strategy for your small business marketing. You’ll see real examples of my posts, receive practical tactics for executing this Facebook Marketing Strategy, and have the complete strategy to marketing your business on Facebook once you’re done.

Video Tips & Tutorials

Video tips and tutorials on my Youtube Channel to help your business be successful.

Parallel Search Engine

A search engine designed to show only parallel economy brands and services – Those unwilling to go woke.

Email Sequence Template

Use this free template to develop your business’s welcome sequence with quality emails your potential customers will want to open.