How to Do Social Media Marketing

Your business is unique, and so is your social media marketing strategy. You know your business’s ins and outs, and soon I will, too. Until then, we can work together to increase your social media presence – Leading to more conversions and traffic to your website.

You may wonder how to market your business on social media. My goal is to develop a unique plan to connect with your community. At first, we will need to find out where your community is, then we will focus on developing connections to these people.

So then, what is your social media strategy? Consistency, engaging posts, responding to comments, measuring data, and so much more. I will be proactively moving your social media development into fruition for your business.

Social Media Posting Plan

The Social Media Posting Plan for Instagram and/or Facebook includes organic traffic and paid ads (if desired). Through routine posts with captivating graphics, as well as smart networking, you can see the success that other businesses have achieved. When you get started with me, I will optimize your current business page setup. Each month, you will receive a report on the results of this plan as well as what I will change to provide even better results for the future.

Case Studies and Results

The Facebook reach after the first 60 days I was serving Mike Nabers, Realtor went up over 500% to 10k+. We used a combination of sharing graphic-rich posts providing useful content along with his active listings to increase engagement.

The 90 days worth of insights from Facebook for May – July, 2023 show North Port Acupuncture’s steady reach of about 15k people. This is a client I’ve served for about two years, and recently decided she was ready for paid Facebook ads. This small change led to a steady influx of phone calls for inquiries.

Through the development of posts highlighting their products, reels, stories and highlights, Nature’s Uncut has shown a steady increase of reach on Instagram. Including reels as posts has made a big difference for receiving additional attention on their page.

How to Market your Business on Social Media

Businesses use social media marketing in many ways, and because each business is unique, so is your social media marketing strategy! You may be a local service-based business, an e-commerce business, or both an in-store and online business.

You may wonder what is your social media strategy. In most cases, we start by focusing on one or two social media platforms where we would expect to find your community. Once we determine the best social media platform to use, we can increase our action steps to produce results.

This is what social media management means for your business, and our relationship. I help lighten your load, increase your traffic and conversions, and together we discuss the measurable results.

Google Business Smart Sharing

Google Business Smart Sharing is either a standalone or an addition to the previous plan. Your Google business listing and maps listing will be optimized. Your posts will either be re-purposed from Facebook, or created new if not using the Social Media plan. You will receive routine reports on the success you are experiencing, and any tweaks I intend to make.

Case Studies and Results

Consistent posting for North Port Acupuncture ‘s Google Business page lent to a steady increase of calls and website traffic. During the first six months of 2023, they received 85 calls and 389 clicks to their website. These measurements are just from potential clients finding them by their Google Business Listing.

Why is Social Media Marketing Important?

Future customers and clients have a plethora of ways to find what they need. Social media marketing is important to provide an additional touch point for potential customers to not only find your business, but learn more about you as well.

You may then ask how to do social media marketing. It is an ever-changing ecosystem. You have zero time to learn what content drives your customer base, stay consistent with marketing, and stay current with trends.

Thankfully, I can market your business on social media for you. I strive to be proactive – Sending out reminders for posts, content for approval, and collaborating with you to stay on track with your messaging.

Your Communication is Essential

You know your business better than anyone. Please reach out to me as often as you like to provide helpful information, ideas, stories, reviews etc. that will help us reach your business goals. Our communication is essential for success, and I welcome your feedback.

Are you ready to see if this is the right choice for your business?

"Our orders have increased, our followers on facebook have grown and my overall satisfaction is thru the roof."

Our company, Select Genetics, has had the pleasure of working with Sarah Jurina for several months. We found Sarah at a time when we were very frustrated with all previous marketing companies. She is a breath of fresh air. Sarah takes time to “learn your business”. She educates herself on your products and your customers and then gives you ideas on how to reach more customers. Our orders have increased, our followers on facebook have grown and my overall satisfaction is thru the roof. I can recommend Sarah wholeheartedly. We have our own “out of house marketing staff” and it is a real pleasure. Sarah is just a sweet person who has a calm demeanor and attitude.” – Janey 

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