Social Media Marketing
True or False: If you post more often, you get more sales!

This is actually False…kind of. πŸ€” Posting on any social platform has more to do with the content and less to do with how often. While “hustling” and posting/networking a lot can certainly grow your followers, it is not necessary to have a successful business.Β Social Media is only one piece of the puzzle. 🧩 If you are just starting out, or don’t have time to devote to daily posts, that is just fine. You can always get help with your social media strategy. It’s more important to post consistently, and put thought into content that is interesting, funny, engaging, informative etc. for your audience.

πŸ’―Β Your Best Bet:Β Choose the same two days each week you will devote to sharing a new post within your audience related groups, comment on others’ posts, and just be a human. This should take you 30-45 minutes (including graphic creation) per day. Set a timer so you don’t get distracted.

I recommend two days a week to my clients. πŸ“… Try different days of the week, and different times of day – Especially as you are getting started. Try out different content, too, so you know what your community loves. Some ideas for content includes asking a question, telling a joke, celebrating a silly holiday, showing before and after photos (if this pertains to your business), giving tips, posting reviews from happy customers, telling your business story of how you got started, telling about how you are helping out the community, etc.
For graphic creation: Canva! I love this tool, and it has a free version. πŸ’» With all the templates available, you can start with one then brand it to match your colors, add your logo and website. While this may prove a bit of a learning curve, one little trick I like is that you can copy and paste from one graphic to the next. So if you copy your logo off of one graphic, then you can have the one you’re working on in another tab where you can paste it directly in. Continue doing this with whatever else you may want to reuse.

βœ‹ If this all sounds wonderful, but a bit overwhelming, then feel free to reach out for a Free Consultation so we can handle your social media strategy for you.

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