Email Marketing for your Business

Email Marketing results are based on a few factors:

  • The amount of traffic coming to your website
  • The type of incentive(s) you offer for signing up
  • The quality of emails you provide once they subscribe

Email Marketing is 3x more effective at converting your audience than social media. If you want a direct connection to your clients, and you want to build their trust so they will convert, then I’m here to help.

Since every business has different goals, provides unique services and has its own voice, your email marketing will be unique too. These factors will determine how often you want to send emails, and what content you want to provide.

A mixture of Content Marketing and Promotion is the best way to keep your readers’ interest and turn them into buyers.

Email Marketing Samples

Through the enhanced reporting provided by my favorite email marketing platform, Constant Contact, we’ll be able to compare your results versus typical results for your business’s industry.

Above is Venice Reef Charters‘ results from their automated email sequence meant to target interested customers. When someone visits their website, they have the option to sign up for a $25 discount off their first charter. Then, once they sign up, they receive weekly emails that provide value, such as local fishing information. This in turn builds trust so they will convert into reserving a charter trip.

These email statistics come from sending an automated email sequence to existing patients of North Port Acupuncture. The average open rate for the health and wellness industry is 16.05% but this doctor is receiving 39.7%. Automated sequences are essential for the success of converting new customers and keeping your existing ones.

Constant Contact’s amazing tools also allow you to connect directly to your store on shopify, woocommerce, Etsy, Ebay, Magento and many others. With each e-blast you send, you can place items directly in the email to purchase. You can also see what revenue resulted from that email (whether or not you have items in the email or just links to your store).

Are you Ready to see what your Perfect Recipe is?

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The very best marketing company! Sarah Jurina is gracefully persistent to get the word out in a very pleasant and creative manner. I have been completely satisfied and impressed with every last detail. This has helped me grow by business and do my job better! Thank You!” – Erica

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