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Finding the best digital marketing company for your business isn’t easy. We are a company proactively pushing your business forward, with content that speaks your message and connects to your community.

About Us

The best digital marketing companies know that your online presence is like a puzzle – Each piece is necessary to make a business work smoothly. Each piece needs equal consideration – From the keyword rich content written in your social media posts to the analytics showing whether that content is working or not. Jurina Enterprises is a digital marketing company based in Southwest Florida, but we serve clients all over the United States. Let us handle your marketing services so you can spend more time where you need to!

BUSINESS Experience

We team up with you as the business owner to clearly connect all the marketing areas seamlessly with your brand and message.


You gain a personalized approach to your business’s marketing needs. We are dedicated to providing swift responses to your questions and offering our expertise in your decision making.

Your Business is UNIQUE

Every business has its own special blend of vision, values, and methods that makes it unique. This is what your marketing will speak to connect you to your audience.


Understanding all the behind-the-scenes facets of business, we are able to alleviate the overwhelming tasks that daunt you!

Services We Offer

Your digital marketing strategy is complex. It takes time to get your website and social media campaigns running optimally. Let us create, manage, report, and tweak everything to match your brand and its message.

Web Design

Your business needs professional website design. Perhaps you need eCommerce website design services, a WordPress website, a website remodel or a current website optimized with SEO. If you answered, “Yes” or possibly, “I have no idea” to the above, then we are here to help!


SEO is like layers - Your website will draw in the right audience if these layers all speak with each other as well as the mighty search engine, Google.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is important for your business to grow through reaching more of your community. Together, we will learn how to market your business on social media the smart way – Unique to your business’s message – To increase traffic to your website, conversions and sales.

Brand Identity

Your brand's visual identity is a critical part of your business. Our priority in your graphic design and messaging is a seamless connection through color, logos, fonts and more that speaks your business loud and clear.

Email Marketing

Setup, automation, copywriting and reporting designed for the unique goals and voice of your business. We will utilize list building techniques and promotions plus value that your clients want to receive.

Paid Ads

We create and manage online advertising campaigns across your social media networks. We focus on optimized ad placements, targeting, and budget with the highest ROI.

Past Projects

Every outside source points to your business's online home - Your website! From your social posts to your email campaigns to your Facebook ads - They all bring your potential customer to your site. It needs to be easy to navigate, so your visitors can get what they need from you fast.


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Sarah takes time to "learn your business". She educates herself on your products and your customers and then gives you ideas on how to reach more customers. Our orders have increased, our followers on facebook have grown and my overall satisfaction is thru the roof. I can recommend Sarah wholeheartedly. We have our own "out of house marketing staff" and it is a real pleasure.
- Rachel H.
Sarah has been amazing to work with and and we are so glad we decided to checkout her services. Professional, knowledgable and on top of communicating with us always. If you have been considering handing off your social media and content creation and marketing, you should reach out to Sarah!
- Jenny R.
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The very best marketing company! Sarah Jurina is gracefully persistent to get the word out in a very pleasant and creative manner. I have been completely satisfied and impressed with every last detail. This has helped me grow by business and do my job better! Thank You!
- Erica N.


North Port, Florida


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